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Welcome to the 14th Mud Olympics at Brunsbuettel!

Why do people pay for getting dirty?

There are two reasons: (a) having fun, (b) supporting charity.

The Mud Olympics (Wattolümpiade in the local language) are dirty, are fun, and above all a charity, dedicated to help cancer patients and their relatives in the west coast area of Schleswig-Holstein/Germany.

Here are some facts for people new to the Mud Olympics:

  • In 2020 it’s the 14th edition of the mudolympics.
  • Since 2004 more than €440,000 have been collected for the charity.
  • Their German motto is Stark gegen Krebs – Strong against cancer.
  • The money from the tickets and the entry fees of the competitors goes directly to the charity, as the Mud Olympics is completely financed by sponsors.
  • It took only 48 seconds on the Internet for the competitors to get their admission to the games.

The games:

In 2020 there will be around 40 teams from Germany and our neighbouring countries. Competitions will be held in the following disciplines:

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Sledge Racing (These sledge are a special construction used to transport things over the mud flats of the German North Sea coast. Think of an Inuit sledge without huskies and, of course, without the Arctic climate. This will give you a rough picture. Do not miss the fun watching the race.)

The place:
Brunsbuettel, at the southern entrance to Kiel Canal on the Elbe estuary.

The day:
August 15, 2020


  • tba.

Tickets: €5.00; Children under the age of twelve and handicapped persons have free admission.


Wattikan – the organizing team behind the Mud Olympics, the members are called


Wattlet – athlete competing in the Mud Olympics

There are numerous other puns using the word Watt (mud flat) which you will easily recognize.

Have fun and tell the world about it!


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